Was born in Lenigrad in 1963.

Graduated from the Leningrad Serov Art School in1982. Graduated from the Lenigrad Muhina Academy of Art and Design in1987.

Member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1994.

Since 1989 took part in more than 40 exibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Canada, Germany, Italy.

Her works can be found in private collections in Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium.



V International exhibition of Mini-Print Art.
    (Toronto, Canada 1990, ”Del Bello Gallery”)

Exhibition of St.Petersburg and Moscow Galleries.
    (Moscow 1991)

Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Festival
of Polish Culture in St.Petersburg.
    (“Polonia” St.Petersburg, 1993, 1994, 2000, 2001)

Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, Former Mansion of
M. Kshesinskaya, 1993)

Annual Exhibition of St.Petersburg Artists
“Petersburg 93,94,95,96”.
    (St.Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall 1993, 1994,
1995, 1996)

“Christian Art” Exhibition of St.Petersburg Artists.
    (Germany: Hamburg, Emden, Kil 1993)

“Viva- Art- Ball” Exhibition of St.Petersburg Artists.
    (St.Petersburg, Former Manson of Beloselskiy
-Beloserskiy 1994)

Mariinskiy Theatre Charity Fund Art-Contest.
    (St.Petersburg, Mariinskiy Fund 1994)

Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, ”Palitra” Gallery 1997)

“Orthodox Russia” Exhibition of Russian Artists.
    (St.Petersburg, Union of Artists Exhibition Hall 1997)

Exhibition to mark the 65th Anniversary of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists.
    (St.Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall 1998)

“The Waking World” Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Valencia” Art-Center 2003)

Moscow International Art-Salon.
    (Moscow, Central House of Artists 2003)

Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Guild of Masters” Gallery 2003)

Exhibition of St.Petersburg Artists.
    (Verona, Italy 2005)

Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Guild of Masters” Gallery 2005)

“Mist is my inspiration” Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Guild of Masters” Gallery 2007)

Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Guild of Masters” Gallery 2008)

Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Guild of Masters” Gallery 2010)

“Chords of Silence” Personal Exhibition.
    (St.Petersburg, “Arka” Gallery 2011)

Participant of numerous exhibitions of St.Petersburg
Artists in the Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of
Artists and galleries of St.Petersburg. (“Forum”, “Palitra”, “Valencia”, “Grand-Art”)