I think that painting posseses some inexplicable magic
for me.
   While working on the canvas I subconsciously look for the
unique moment when the image begins to live its own life,
giving birth to a stream of associations. In terms of my work,
the finished picture is not a composition of carefully de-
picted objects or a clear plot. I think it is almost the oppo-
site. I consider a picture the consequence of brushstrokes and
colour combinations, which at a certain point evolve into
some kind of structure or a hint of reality. It is very
important not to miss this pivotal moment of transformation
and witness how something beautiful and touching emerges.
It is not finished, but faintly exposed it carries you away
Here you stop and realize that the work is complete your
aim has been achieved. You have created a door to something
that resonates with the human soul and invites others to
look in .